Highlights of IT Skills

Languages Bash, PHP, Python, Awk, Sed
Operating Systems Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora Workstation, Slackware
Load Balancing Big-IP LTM
Infrastructure Services DHCP (ISC), DNS (BIND), SSO (CAS), mail transport (Postfix), LDAP, NFS, monitoring (Zabbix), web application delivery (Tomcat, Apache), VMware vSphere
OS Administration Performance analysis, PAM, user management, system updates (RHEL Satellite), software installation, automated setup (Kickstart), LDAP integration, storage management (LVM)
Organization Documentation, team communication, long-term infrastructure planning, analytics, request tracking and ticket management (Team Dynamix), PCI compliance, NIH secure data compliance

Professional Experience

Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana
Linux Systems Integrator - January 2015 to Present

  • Managed 100+ Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers that provide the infrastructure to support business operations, educational efforts, and academic research at ISU.
  • Designed, deployed, and maintained the DHCP system that supports ISU’s campus networks, acknowledging 2000+ clients per hour during peak times.
  • Developed, standardized, and documented Linux systems in our VMWare vSphere environment.
  • Investigated, resolved, and documented technical support issues and inquiries daily from ISU staff and faculty regarding infrastructure services.
  • Managed four Linux-based high performance compute clusters that are used for academic research in the Biology, Chemistry, and Bioinformatics departments.
  • Developed complex load-balancing models using F5’s Big-IP LTM load balancing system.
  • Managed daily tasks using TeamDynamix work management and ticketing system.
  • Communicated and collaborated with technical and non-technical groups in OIT to design, plan, and complete department projects, meet strategic goals, and support ISU’s mission statements.